Latest News

- [Event] Treasure Hunting started.

- [Weekly Offer] 50% discount on gold kalcash.

- EXP increased after reborn.

- Added Blood Bone Upgrade Talisman to KalSHOP.

- Luckey box generated items updated.

- Grade 110 Gear box in KALSHOP price decrased.

- Grade 130 Gear added to rent SHOP.

- Premium Crtical Hit period changed to 1hour.

- Premium Crtical Hit Price changed to 5 jewels.

- Added Grade 4 Buff Scroll to KALSHOP.

- Added New Summon scrolls.

- Added NEW Boss Master of Dead people.

- Monster Gate Event ended.

- Grade 110, 120, 130 drop rate increased.

- Golden coin bug fixed.

- EXP increased from Lv.100~135.

- Resting place monsters OTP lowered.

- The Ghost Ripper boss drop & spawn fixed.

- Shadow Devah drop amount fixed.

- Modified Some monsters / bosses damages.

- Vote Reward amount increased (20 SKC).

- [Weekly Offer] 25% discount on Gold KalCash.

- Fixed boss summoner system.

- Fixed Riding sys message.

- Added Grade 130 accessories.

- New Items has been added to KALSHOP (Jewel, Silver KC, Honor).

- Unbounded shop reward item.

- Fishing system improved.

- Buff scroll give grade 5 speed instead of 3.

- Modified some monsters (Stats / Level / Drop).

- Restructuring of some areas & teleport stone.

- Added 1day scroll package to new characters.

- Fixed (unable to attack monsters in start position area cursed jangle map).

- Rent NPC / system enabled.

- Droplist will be moved to our website to keep it up to date.

- EGG EXP increased.

- Fixed drop bug for high levels characters.

- Fixed level up rewards bug.

- Changed Server login background.

- Resting place of dead person monster stats fixed.

- Some monster hp lowered abit.

- EXP increased in advanced areas.

- Extension for monsters Gate event.

- NEW AREA include new monsters.


- Adjustments in exp at some areas.

- Beginner areas has been disabled.

- KalShop has been updated.

- Fixed right click items.

- Changed some bosses respawn time.

- Player Zelda promoted to .

*Plus more server-side tweaks and fixes.

In the old days, some strange monsters came to our village,
they were very strong and we managed to defeat them,
but they resisted the escape. The village old man said that these mutants may return again,
and may not be more powerful than before. one day, after sunset,
a strange gate was created. then he went back to the village to tell them what he saw,

They expected to arrive at 19:00 becareful!

*High EXP
* Premium Items
* Grade 120 Armor / Weapons

- [Event] Monsters Gate has been started.

- Added quest for picker pet (NPc is located near event manager).

- Added critical medicine at fishing & silver kalcash shop.

- EXP has been increased for begginers.

- G120 drop rate has been incrased.

- Bosses & some monsters level were changed.

- Rent system has been disabled due un-stability.

- KalShop has been updated.

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