Latest News

Letters event started.!

- Start Level changed to Lv.60.

- Drop list npc removed.

- Drop list added in teleport buttons tip.

- E-mok island A9 monsters EXP changed.

- NEW MAPS Volcano Worms & Cursed Jungle Lv.111+.

- Increased Tower of devah EXP.

- Reborn rewards can be found at message box now.

- Castle war gear npc removed.

- You can play castle war with your own gear now.

- Rent NPC back.

50% Discount on Cold KalCash Coin(s) for limited time!!

- Start Level changed to 50.

- Pve Weapons stats improved.

- Rent Shop has been fixed.

- Added grade g110 for rent.

- Added rewards for castle war winners include ally.

- Assassin Temple Floor 2 Released.

- Edited fish place in temp fort.

- Fixed MA blessing skill reload.

- KALSHOP has been updated (new offers).

- Assassin mask blocked in some training area.

- Server Time has been changed.

- Tower of devah Dungeon added [F1,F2].

- E-mok island A9 monsters added.

- G110 Gear is dropable now.

- Droplist has been updated.

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