Latest News

- Game Engine Updated.

- New Riding system added.

- Hanin Mirrors added.

- EXP Increased.

- Some clinet-side issues fixed.

- Demon Gong stats fixed.

- KalShop Has been updated.

- More is coming soon.

- Letters Event Started.

- EXP increased.

- Added Tanker monster in TOD F3.

- Add Protection to Prevent Map glitches.

- Mana Potions recovery points increased.

- Blessing Fairy [Buff NPC] Limitation Changed.

- G3 Buff added to skillbook merchant.

- Drop list Updated.

- More Server-side fixes and tweaks.

- Gold KalCash Coin(s) Offer ended.

- Start Lv.90 with grade 90 armor and new pet.

- Lost Ships area released.

- Cursed Jangle Monsters Level / EXP / HP Modified.

- All bosses level increased.

- High land of sky monster levels increased.

- Ouija Explorer Teleport map fixed.

- Ouija Forest EXP increased.

- Ghost Temple EXP increased.

- Ghost Temple Monsters OTP / Attack lowered.

- Volcano worms egg spawn removed.

- Alot of changes for pvp / pve balance.

- New Security system.

- Max level increased.

- EB damage fixed.

- Some Item stats fixed.

- Some KalShop icons changed to better quality.

- Server Login background changed.

- Website background changed.

- Droplist updated.

- Strange creatures event ended.

- E-mok island A9 Monsters level increased.

- [Offer] 50% Discount Gold KalCash Coin(s).

- Password reset script activated.
* E-mail address.
* Account S/N.

- New Event starts at 19:30 Server Time.

- Tower of Deva'h Floor 3 Changed to solo Play.

- Grade 110 rent shield fixed.

- Some armor level lowered to be useable after reborn.

- Added G120 To G130 upgrade talisman to kalshop.

- Added more levelup rewards.

- EXP Increased for begginers.

- Instnace dungeon [POH] monsters upgraded.

- Instnace Daily task NPC added.

- Tower Of Priest Upgraded.

- Drop list has been updated.

- Xmas objects / item removed.

Detect disposable email address in account registration.

- EXP Increased for new players.

- Changed Start armor and level to 80.

- Assassin Temple Released.

- Grade 110 gear drop rate increased.

- Grade 120 gear is drop able now.

- Added Grade 120 in rent shop.

- E-mok island A9 Monsters level increased.

- Fixed Demon gong item slot.

- Monster summon scrolls sell price has been decreased.

- Added Grade 120 Orb, Arrow to KALSHOP.

- Added Big Goblin Pet valid for 30day in KALSHOP [LIMITED OFFER].

- F10 EXP Increased and bosses HP lowered.

- Mautareta bosses HP lowered.

- Removed Grade 50 Yin-Yang Mirror from drop.

- Increased mobs amount of Ghost Temple.

- Ghost Temple boss released.

- Castle war gear price decreased.

- Fixed Grade 60 Arrow, Orb sell price.

- Shadow of D'evah bosses spawn 2 time a day.

- Item obtained from Lucky Gear box changed.

- Valley of D'evah Upgraded Playable 100+.

- Christmas Gear exchanger NPC added.

- Tower of Priest Masters Level increased.

- TOD F6, Cursed Jangle, Bogy Village OTP / Attack lowered.

- Drop list has been updated.

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